4 Neglected Areas of Your House That Require Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning is something not many people like to do, as it involves a great deal of time, effort, and energy. However, cleaning every single segment of your house is a necessity to create a clean, enjoyable, and healthy living space. Although you may care to clean your house at regular intervals, there are specific areas in your house that are usually neglected by your cleaning care. 

This blog post discusses the top four neglected areas of your house that require thorough cleaning. You can consider hiring a professional house cleaning service in Weston Creek to simplify the cleaning process. Read on to learn more. 

Areas in Your House That Require Thorough Cleaning 

The Fridge

Cleaning your fridge can be a painful process. However, you need to clean your fridge regularly to keep it in ultimate condition and ensure maximum hygiene for the food that you store inside. As your fridge is the most frequently used appliance in your kitchen, you may find it quite overwhelming to clean it. 

While cleaning your fridge, you should focus on disposing of all old and expired food that is inside. Once you complete cleaning the shelves, ensure giving it a good scrub from top to bottom using warm, soapy water. If you want to opt for an easy and meticulous cleaning of the fridge and save time, you can hire a professional house cleaning service in Weston Creek. 

Under The Couch 

Another neglected area of your house is under the couch. Make sure to clean under your big pieces of furniture while cleaning your house. If you allow dust bunnies to gather in the shadows, it may increase the number of allergens in your living premises. 

You can ask someone to help in lifting the furniture pieces while you clean beneath. If it appears to be too much to do on your own, you can consider hiring a professional house cleaning service in Weston Creek. 

The Oven 

Do you notice a slightly unpleasant smell coming from your oven every time you turn it on? Perhaps you failed to notice some butter overflowing your pan when you baked a cake last time. Cleaning your oven may appear to be a challenging task. 

However, it is essential that you clean your oven within a gap of a few months. Make sure to clean your oven if you are hosting a family gathering or a holiday dinner. You can consider hiring a professional house cleaning service for a smooth and thorough cleaning of your house. 


To keep the overall decor of your home clean, fresh, and healthy, it is essential that you clean your upholstery at regular intervals. You can rent an upholstery cleaner or hire a professional cleaning service to clean your upholstery at regular intervals. 

Regular cleaning will keep your upholstery looking their best and will impress your guests and visitors. 

To conclude, cleaning these four neglected areas of your house along with the rest of your house is essential for creating a clean, fresh, and hygienic living environment. You can either do it yourself or hire the help of a professional to simplify the cleaning process. If you are looking to engage the best professional house cleaners near me in Weston Creek, Call The Cleaners is the name to trust. Connect with us to schedule an appointment.

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