5 Effective Ways To Clean Your Curtains By House Cleaning Experts

A clean and beautiful curtain is an important addition to the home. It not only enhances the home decor but is also beneficial to the home. It brings privacy to the inside of your room, diffuses light seamlessly and even adds to the home decor. Most homeowners, therefore, invest in curtains. However, the homeowners fail to understand that these curtains remain exposed to dust and dirt, and hence, it is important to clean them regularly. Experts in professional house cleaning services in Melbourne CBD incorporate a number of techniques to clean the curtains in the most effective ways.

What Are The 5 Most Effective Ways To Clean The Curtains?

Here is a list of 5 best ways to clean the curtains

1. Steam Cleaning

Experts of house cleaning service in Melbourne recommends the use of a handheld steam cleaner along with an upholstery attachment to clean the curtains. This set up helps to lift the dirt and stains easily and you can do it without dismantling the curtains. You can use the steam cleaner from top to bottom but it is advisable to be careful about not damaging the curtains in the process. Professionals know the best techniques and are experienced enough to handle the steam cleaning of your carpets carefully.

2. Washing In A Machine

Homeowners need to be extra careful while cleaning a curtain in a washing machine. It is important to understand its material. In case the material is too delicate or has intricate works, experts suggest avoiding cleaning them in a machine. It is best to refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual while cleaning your expensive curtains or hire a professional house cleaning service in Melbourne CBD who can determine the best way to clean them.

3. Hand Washing

Cleaning the curtains using your hands is the easiest and safest process. When you wash the curtains with your own hands, you can be more careful about their intricate works and their delicate material. You have control when you scrub the fabric. Also, you are able to spot-clean the stain on your curtains. Make sure you use mild detergents that remain gentle to your expensive fabrics and follow the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual. However, it takes a lot of time and effort, and you may not get the best cleaning products that the experts of house cleaning services in Melbourne CBD use.

4. Dry Cleaning Of The Curtains

Some curtains require special cleaning. For those curtains it is best to get it dry cleaned with special cleaning products. When you opt for dry cleaning of the curtains, it helps to take care of its particular pleats that needs to get back to their original pattern. However if you want to get it professionally cleaned and want the professional to take care of the cleaning settings, contact the house cleaners near me in Melbourne CBD.

5. Seeking Professional Assistance

Curtains are not only an important addition to your home but also a significant investment that you will never like to get damaged. Hiring a house cleaning service in Melbourne CBD will help you get a systematic and professional cleaning service. The experts have the right equipment and mild cleaning products to help achieve high-quality curtain cleaning. Also, the professionals are experienced and take utmost care while handling your expensive fabrics.

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