5 Typical Errors We Make During End of Lease Cleaning

Cleaning your rental property is not a very challenging task until you plan to relocate. It is the time when your property manager or owner conducts thorough research and inspects the cleanliness and condition of the property. If they are not satisfied with the condition you are leaving the property in, there are chances of a deduction of your bond amount significantly. Therefore, it is best to engage a professional end of lease cleaning in Centennial Park to ensure the return of your rental deposit.

Professional end of lease cleaners avoid all those major and minor errors that we commit while taking up the task. Let us help you with the list of common errors that most tenants make while conducting bond cleaning all by themselves.

Errors That We Make During End of Lease Cleaning

1. Beginning without a systematic plan

Cleaning tasks may appear to be simple in the beginning. However, as you go halfway, you will discover the vastness of the work. There is no end to vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the carpets and curtains, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and many more. Hence, it is advised to start with a plan. Experts of end of lease cleaning in Centennial Park visit your premises with a checklist to keep track of all the required areas to be cleaned. It helps to achieve a perfect end of lease cleaning in which they prioritise the areas that require special attention.

2. Cleaning the furniture in the house

Let’s face it; most tenants begin with the end of lease cleaning before vacating the property, and there are better ways. A house with the furniture still in becomes difficult to clean. Large pieces of furniture act as obstacles, and they prevent you from cleaning the areas that are behind them. Schedule an appointment with the experts after you move your furniture away. With no obstacles, you can achieve perfect cleaning at every corner of the property.

3. Choosing the incorrect method

Property owners and managers expect a flawlessly cleaned property before you leave. Cleaning the owner’s property with inexperienced hands and unproven techniques can damage the surfaces significantly. The experts of end of lease cleaning in Centennial Park bring out effective cleaning by implementing the right procedure. They remain careful while cleaning delicate things like upholstered furniture, carpets, mirrored surfaces, etc.

4. Overlooking kitchen appliances

Most homeowners and property managers pay more attention to kitchen cleaning. When they find that you have ignored cleaning of the kitchen appliances, they make it an issue to restrict the return of your bond amount. The experts come with the right cleaning product to effectively clean all the kitchen appliances. So whether it is your stove hood or your dishwasher, with expert cleaning services, you can expect a perfect kitchen cleaning service.

5. Not focusing on air ducts, fans and filters

We often overlook the areas that are hard to reach. Hence, we typically miss out on the air ducts, fans and filters. Professionals of end of lease cleaning in Centennial Park conduct a thorough cleaning of your property and ensure nothing misses out. They have the right tools to reach out to all the hard-to-reach areas and clean them, helping you rest assured about the return of the entire bond amount.

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