7 Quick House Cleaning Tips For Houses With Pets

Do you share your house with your furry friends? Congratulations! You have a happy life promised forever. But wait, can you ensure a healthy living environment with your pets in the house? When a house becomes tremendously dirty, and some random tips do not work, it is best to get it professionally cleaned by an expert house cleaning service in Sydney. If you are direly looking for some proven tips, here we are with some quick cleaning house cleaning tips for creating a clean and healthy abode.

1. Follow A Pet Cleaning Routine

Pets go out and explore often. Needless to say, they come back with their muddy paws and accumulated dirt and dust all over their bodies. It is essential to remove the soil often, and it is not only for grooming but also to maintain the hygiene of your pets as well as the house. Use a pet shampoo and clean the dirty spots caused due to their activities.

2. Go For A Deep Clean

When cleaning your house looks challenging, hire a professional house cleaning service in Sydney. The experts have the right tools and products for deep cleaning of your house. Be it the toys of your pets, their blankets or beds, the house cleaning experts clean and sanitise all the items and eradicate the germs, grime and bacterial growth. Thus, with professional cleaning, you can ensure a healthy living space for the family and pets.

3. Get Covers For The Furniture

The soft furniture in your house gets easily damaged by the activities of the pets. The muddy paws, pet odours and shedding of fur take a toll on your furniture, and that becomes apparent. It is best to cover up all the soft, upholstered furniture and cushioned chairs so that the real furniture remains clean, and you only have to wash the covers. 

4. Baking Soda Can Work

Baking soda is a helpful thing when it comes to removing the odour. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet to reduce the stubborn acidic odours on your home’s carpets due to the pets. Unlike harsh chemicals, baking soda remains gentle on carpets and adds a refreshing smell.

5. Clean The Floors With Antibacterial Products

When you clean the hardwood floors of your house, use antibacterial products. Antibacterial products keep your floors fresh and keep it clean. Call the house cleaning service in Sydney, where professionals use a pet-friendly solution and hot water to remove the microorganisms and stubborn stains in your space.

6. Allow The Muddy Paw Prints To Dry

Muddy paw prints are unsightly, and you may rush to clean them immediately as you notice them. However, it is best to leave it to get dried up. When mud dries up, it gets hardened, which makes it easy for you to scrub the surface and loosen the dirt. Remove the excess dirt by using a vacuum cleaner. To achieve a spotless carpet, you can call the house cleaning service in Sydney.

House cleaning is time-consuming work, and you may remain stuck with the chores for the entire weekend. Do not waste your weekends cleaning; hire Call The Cleaners. We are a trustworthy name, providing all house cleaning solutions for years. Get in touch with us for more information.

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