7 Top Areas You Shouldn’t Forget in End of Lease Cleaning

When a tenant uses a rental property for a considerable number of years, it is inevitable for the rental property to experience marks of wear and tear. It may be impossible to handle the entire exit cleaning all by yourself as you are expected to focus on many other aspects of your move-out. However, as a tenant, you are responsible for the rental cleaning, and it becomes your biggest concern as it is related to securing your bond deposit. To avoid any rental dispute and get your bond amount back, it is best to get a professional end of lease cleaning service in Reid.

Professional vacate cleaners have the access to the right cleaning products and industry graded equipment to clean the rental house flawlessly. Also, they come with a cleaning checklist approved by the real estate agent and cover all the necessary aspects of the rental property. 

What Are The Top Areas That Require Careful Cleaning?

Here is the list of areas that must be cleaned for a successful final inspection by property managers and landowners:

1. Light Fittings

A lot of dirt and dust settle on the light fittings over time. During the final inspection, the landowners and property managers inspect these things, which are generally missed out. The experts make sure the light fittings are cleaned properly and have not been damaged during the service.

2. Windows

Window cleaning is often overlooked by the tenants and are invariably checked by the property managers. For window cleaning you can use a duster to remove the dust and later spray vinegar solution before scrubbing and cleaning the windows. The experts of end of lease cleaning service in Reid are well versed with the techniques and use effective solution to get you sparkly clean windows.

3. Ceiling

Ceiling of the rooms are an important aspect to be prepared during final inspection. In most cases the tenants forget to address the ceiling and leave it unclean. When you hire experts of end of lease cleaning service in Reid they use specialised tool that helps to remove the cobwebs and dust and clean the ceiling properly. Additionally, they wipe the blades to make your ceiling look clean and ready for final inspection.

4. Carpets

Most property managers hold back the bond amount due to dirty carpets hence it should be treated as important. The professional end of lease cleaners near me in Reid clear address all the stains and spots and vacuum it to make it look as good as new.

5. Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen in any household is the most used space, and the appliances in the kitchen get greasy and dirty after a certain period of time. The cleaning experts of end of lease cleaning service in Canberra use specialised cleaning solutions to get rid of the grease and grime that has accumulated at the back of kitchen appliances and particularly on the oven, which is otherwise difficult to remove.

6. Sink and Faucets

The bathroom and kitchen sink get dirty over time. The end of lease cleaning experts scrub, rinse and wash off these items to make them look squeaky clean. They use powerful yet mild cleaners that are otherwise difficult for the common people to obtain.

7. Toilet

Toilet is a place that gets dirty and can harbour germs. during the final inspection, the landowners and property managers carefully inspect the toilet and hence it is important to clean it thoroughly. The experienced end of lease cleaners use effecting products and equipment to ensure there are no stains or patches remaining in the toilet.

If you need a professional end of lease cleaning service in Reid who can take care of all the important spots during rental cleaning, feel free to contact Call The Cleaners. Our experienced team of cleaners addresses all the easy and hard-to-reach areas and cleans your rental property like none other. Invest in our exceptional end of lease cleaning service and enjoy a seamless transition process.

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