8 Additional End Of Lease Cleaning Service You Can Opt For

Now, when you are at the end of the lease period, you must be looking for a professional end of lease cleaning service in Gladesville. The benefits of hiring professionals are unending. They bring along a standard checklist to complete the end of lease cleaning service in a systematic way and to make sure the property is adequately cleaned and returned to its original condition.

Apart from this standard checklist, the professional end of lease cleaners near me in Gladesville can also provide some specialised cleaning services. These special cleaning services help to address all those cleaning needs that increase the chance of a smooth move-out process and also enable the property managers re-rent the property immediately. Through this blog, let us learn about those specialised cleaning services and understand how the cleaning experts can help.

1. Deep Cleaning Of windows

Window cover a large space in the house building and becomes uncontrollably dirty over time. The bond cleaning experts can clean the window and help remove grime, streaks, fingerprints, etc. Clean windows in the house not only improve the overall look of your home but also allow more natural light that makes the space even brighter.

2. Steam Cleaning Of Carpets

Carpets in your rental property truly require a deep cleaning at the end of the lease period. Carpets that were once beautiful and clean start looking shabby, stained and dirty after a long period of use. Bond cleaning experts can offer specialised carpet cleaning that involves cleaning with high-temperature steam, which removes dirt stains and allergens. Get ready to receive a fresh and clean carpet and impress the landlords with its restoration.

3. Cleaning Of Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances like ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, etc., accumulate food residue, grease and stains from regular usage. During the specialised end of lease cleaning service in Gladesville, the experts make sure your kitchen appliances are thoroughly cleaned, and your kitchen turns more hygienic.

4. Cleaning Of Curtains And Blind

Blinds and curtains are generally not cleaned regularly and, hence, trap dust and allergens that highly pollute the indoors. When you opt for specialised cleaning services for blinds and curtains, the technicians thoroughly remove the dust and dirt. Thereby you get fresh window coverings.

5. Cleaning Of Air Ducts

Air ducts are one of the most neglected aspects of regular cleaning routines. During special cleaning services, the cleaners use high-end equipment to get rid of contaminants. It not only improves the indoor air quality but is a way to ensure that the HVAC system is properly functioning.

6. Eliminating Mould And Mildew

There are undoubtedly many places in your rental house that are prone to moisture. The bathroom is the most important example of them. Professionals provide Mold and mildew removal services to eradicate these unwanted guests. If you want to maintain the integral structure of the building, you can go for a special cleaning service.

7. Wall Cleaning And Spot Removal

It is natural to remove scuff marks, stains, and fingerprints on the walls over the lease period. In professional wall cleaning services, the cleaners use specialised techniques and cleaning agents to remove the marks and restore the walls. As a result, it improves the aesthetic appeal of the property.

8. Outdoor Cleaning 

To make the property look impressive overall, the tenants need to focus on both interiors and exteriors. You can hire professional and specialised outdoor cleaning services where the experts will pressure wash the driveways, sidewalks, and the building exterior. An impressive exterior enables the property managers to understand that the tenant has adhered to the lease agreement.

Specialised end of lease cleaning services are additional cleaning solutions that give you more than basic cleaning. If you feel that there are many places in your rental property that are overlooked during the regular cleaning services, go for a specialised solution while availing end of lease cleaning service in Gladesville. It will help to impress the property managers and landlords, who would happily return the entire bond amount. 

Call The Cleaners can provide you with specialised cleaning services along with the regular end of lease cleaning service in Gladesville. Our expert professional and industry-graded products help you achieve the desired cleaning outcomes. Call us to book a free consultation now!

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