9 Effective House Cleaning Shortcuts

A house cleaning job only readily becomes a stressful and time-consuming job once you make it. There are always different ways to streamline the work and achieve exceptional cleaning results. By incorporating effective and efficient techniques and following a regular cleaning schedule, you can make your cleaning process easier. For more convenience, busy homeowners can also opt for a professional house cleaning service in Balmain. 

When your house looks good, clean and organised, it helps you live a healthy and valuable life. There are no disruptions to your daily routine, and the kids and pets at home, too, enjoy a healthy living atmosphere. When there is no doubt about the importance of maintaining a clean home, let us learn through the blog the 9 house cleaning shortcuts to achieve a squeaky clean house.

1. Use Gentle Abrasive

It is an open secret that the mixture of vinegar and water in the right proportion can simplify your cleaning process to a great amount. Baking soda, too, can act as a gentle yet effective cleaner that could act as a scrub as well as a deodoriser. Again, the use of white vinegar can work wonders to clean glasses, get rid of stubborn stains and disinfect surfaces. If you are not confident about the specialised cleaning products, you can just call the house cleaners near me in Balmain and get rid of the dirt in the house thoroughly.

2. Make Socks Your Dusting Gloves

In many households, there can be found a couple of mismatched socks. These single pieces of socks can be cleaning tools. Wear these socks in your hands and make them your tools to swipe or dust different surfaces. The materials that make up the socks help to effectively clean various corners and intricate spaces. Reusing the socks is a great way to repurpose your potential trash.

3. Shortcut To Microwave Cleaning

The common complaint with a microwave is that it smells awfully after periodic usage. Cleaning a microwave and getting rid of the food stains and smells is a challenge once you start believing it. Just heat a bowl of water and add a few slices of lemon in it inside the appliance. It will not only leave your leave inside of the microwave smelling fresh but also help to loosen the stains and splatters. Eventually, you can take a damp cloth and easily wipe away the remaining grime inside.

4. Free The Fur With A Shower Squeegee

You can easily deal with stubborn pet hair on carpets and upholstered furniture with the help of a shower squeegee. Simply run the tool over the fabric surfaces, and you can easily notice the pet fur embedded coming out from the surfaces.

5. Get Shiny Faucets With A Lemon

Lemon has unending benefits and is mostly known for cutting stains. Get half of a lemon and scrub it over the noticeable hard stains on faucets and fixtures. The acidic properties of the lemons help to break down mineral deposits on various surfaces. Achieve a stain-free and sparkly faucet and add the fresh smell of citrus to the area. Faucets and fixtures are better cleaned when you hire a professional house cleaning service in Balmain.

6. Decluttering Is The Right Key

Clutter in the house piles up if you ignore to sort out things regularly. For example, if you leave the kitchen full of cleaned dishes scattered along with the uncleaned ones, the plates will get mixed up, and it will be even more difficult to separate them. Take 15 minutes from your day and invest in decluttering the living room, kitchen counter and desk. When you make it a regular practice, you do not have to deal with piled-up dirt and mess in your house all at a time.

7. Use Newspapers To Tackle The Window Streaks

Do you know that crumpled newspapers work better than paper towels? If not, then try the benefits of using a newspaper for your window. The newsprint can readily absorb the liquid that causes streaks. So use a newspaper and enjoy a lint-free sparkly window.

8. Vacuum Filter For Aroma

When you introduce a few drops of essential oil to the vacuum filter, it releases an aroma that gets added to the interior air of the entire house. Fill this scented air to add freshness to your house and life.

9. Vinegar Ice Cubes For Bad Odours

Vinegar ice cubes can definitely be a great way to get rid of bad odours. All you have to do is add a mixture of white vinegar and water and put it in an ice cube tray to let it freeze. Drop these cubes into the disposal only to make it run and help it sanitise.

There are multiple house cleaning hacks that could help you get unbelievable results. However, to implement each process, you need to invest time. If you lack time to learn about the hacks and want to get rid of the hassles of house cleaning in Sydney, get in touch with Call The Cleaners. We are a team of expert cleaners and can provide exceptional service for all types of house cleaning requirements.

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