A Quick Checklist For A House Cleaning Service

Cleanliness in a house is best ensured when you prepare a house cleaning checklist. Preparing and cleaning according to a checklist is a proven strategy for achieving systematic and comprehensive cleaning. When you hire a professional house cleaning service in South Western Sydney, the cleaning experts ensure that you do not miss any job at your place. They come with a checklist and the most effective tool to achieve exceptional house cleaning services while you can just sit and relax while enjoying your coffee. Through this blog, let us guide you to creating and following a checklist to achieve a spotlessly cleaned house. Here we go:

Clear Out Clutters

To de-clutter is very important and makes managing and cleaning convenient. Move away the scattered things such as newspapers, magazines, DVDs, toys and furniture, shoes and old clothes. Make two piles, one for the items you want to throw away and another for the ones that you can plan to recycle. Get rid of the surplus clutters and organise the things according to your plans. When you de-clutter, you get more space to reorganise the cabinets, closets and shelves.


The next task is to vacuum the floor and rugs that lay across all the rooms. Get the attachments to access all the corners, especially hard-to-reach areas. Most of the dirt accumulates in places we ignore, especially under the couch and chair cushions. Vacuum these areas and remove the dust, dirt, food particles and cobwebs.

Sweep and Mop

The latest sweeping tools come in different shapes and sizes. Begin with one of the available convenient brooms and start from the difficult corners. Make sure to cover sweeping all over the places and them out through the entry door. Sweeping and mopping the hard surfaces helps to bring shine to the surface easily. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the spaces behind the toilets, under the furniture and other challenging spots.

General Cleaning List For Rooms

Prepare a room-by-room cleaning list to ensure you cover all the areas. The professionals of house cleaning service in South Western SydneyMaintains a checklist to deliver exceptional house cleaning, touching every corner of the house. Here is a comprehensive list to go by:

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean the exterior and exterior of cabinet doors, kitchen appliances, stovetops, dishwasher, microwaves, kitchen sink, etc. End the task by sweeping and mopping the floor.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean the different surfaces with good cleaning solutions. All-purpose cleaner helps to clean the vanity, sink and faucet. Wash the shower curtains and clean the water spots you can see everywhere. At the end, mop the floor. Just type house cleaner near me in South Western Sydney, and the cleaning experts will clean every dirt and grease in your bathroom.

Bedroom Cleaning

Start with organising the rooms and making space for cleaning and storage. Sprinkle baking soda and vacuum it afterwards. Clean the door windows and finally clean the bedroom floor.

Cleaning Of The Living Space

Dust and damp clean the surfaces where cleaning is possible. Clean all the doors and windows. Wipe the electrical appliances carefully so that there is no room for electric shock. Finally, disinfect things like remotes, game controllers and similar small electronics.

Although the list mentioned above helps to ensure a comprehensive cleaning, professional house cleaning experts deliver the most effective cleaning of your space. If you are looking for a reliable house cleaning service in South Western Sydneycontact Call The Cleaners for an expert service.

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