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    Matt Witham
    Matt Witham
    Zinas came and did an end of lease clean for my one bedroom apartment. I had been living there for 14 years. The clean included steam cleaning, cleaning of walls, blinds, oven, bathroom and windows. The clean was finished in 3.5 hours. Zinas was friendly and gave great customer service. I would recommend Zinas for anyone finishing their lease. Was a great job and I’m very happy with the results.
    Epiphany Selene
    Epiphany Selene
    Did a fabulous job, we received our bond back in full thanks to their meticulous cleaning. Thanks again!
    Leigh Mckeough
    Leigh Mckeough
    Call the cleaners did a great job even the real estate competed on what a freat job they did
    Natalia Gonzalez
    Natalia Gonzalez
    Absolutely incredible cleaning, turned out a lot better than expected. Raj and team were thorough and cleaned everything to perfection. Definitely recommend and we will be returning customers. Can I also add, Raj and team are very friendly and came with great energy too.
    Oriana Fraser
    Oriana Fraser
    Really great experience with Call the Cleaners from start to finish, the awesome owner Arafat provided an upfront quote and a checklist of what was to be cleaned and any extras I wanted to be added ie steam cleaning, blinds etc which meant no surprises come the day of, the cleaners were prompt and thorough and with this I was able to get 100% of my bond back. Thank you!
    Stuart Gilbert
    Stuart Gilbert
    Great experience with Call the Cleaners with my recent end of lease clean. The guys were really great and did a top quality clean throughout the property. The steam clean was excellent. The landlord was very happy and the bond was returned
    Andrea Pizzie
    Andrea Pizzie
    Excellent service from inquiry to completion. I was very satisfied with the end of lease cleaning service they provided, I got my bond back in full.
    Jane Hoang
    Jane Hoang
    Jenish and his partners doing a great job ! Very clean and professional. Thank you Jensish
    Hao D
    Hao D
    Reliable and flexible team, I would recommend to my friends for sure.
    No Matter How Dirty Your Home Is

    We Will Get It Cleaned


    Simply book in 4 steps

    Simply book in 4 steps

    Call The Cleaners
    Book your services
    online or over the phone
    Call The Cleaners

    Call the Cleaners matches
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    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners

    Manage your bookings online through your own login portal

    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners

    Relax and enjoy your
    clean space


    Call The Cleaners
    Book your services
    online or over the phone
    Call The Cleaners

    Call the Cleaners matches
    you with your trusted professional

    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners

    Manage your bookings online through your own login portal

    Call The Cleaners
    Call The Cleaners

    Relax and enjoy your
    clean space


    Deep Cleaning Discounts

    Need a recurring service? Get amazing discounts for being a recurring customer

    Call The Cleaners
    Weekly Cleaning
    Call The Cleaners
    Fortnightly Cleaning
    Call The Cleaners
    Every Three Weeks
    Call The Cleaners
    Monthly Cleaning


    Our Best Pricing Plan For
    Cleaning Services

    Pricing Plan

    Get thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and neglected spaces to revive and restore the original beauty of your home with Call the Cleaners.
    Starts from $160

    Bedroom, Living Room and All Common Areas

    Clean hallways & staircases

    Vacuum & mop all floors

    Dust & wipe down all surfaces

    Empty bins

    Make beds (upon request)

    Dust furniture

    Quick de-clutter of floors

    Wipe down electronics

    Wipe down outside wardrobes

    Clean all light switches & doorknobs.

    clean mirrors

    clean window frames & ledges

    dust cornices & remove cobwebs

    detail skirting boards

    detail all doors & door frames

    clean ceiling fans & a.c vents


    Clean floors

    Scrub toilets

    Clean outside of cabinets & drawers

    Clean bathtub & shower

    Clean sink & taps

    Clean mirrors

    Clean & wipe down all bench-top surfaces

    Clean & dry buff sink/tub & taps

    Remove all dust & lint

    Clean, vacuum, & mop floors

    Clean all light switches & doorknobs.

    remove all lint from the exhaust fan


    Stack & run the dishwasher (upon request)

    Wipe down the outside of appliances

    Wet-wipe outside of the fridge

    Wet-wipe the outside of the oven

    Clean the outside of cabinets & drawers

    Clean all surfaces

    Clean sink

    Clean stove

    Vacuum & mop floors

    See full checklist

    Give Your Home That Extra Shine

    Simply add extras to your cleaning service whenever they are required.

    • Carpet Steam Clean

    • Inside Cupboards (must be empty)

    • Inside Oven

    • Interior Window and Sliding Doors

    • Wet Wipe Blinds (per fixture)

    • Spot Clean Walls

    • Garage Sweep & Tidy

    • Patio

    • Deck

    • Balcony

    • Inside Fridge

    • Change Bed Sheet

    Deep Cleaning Price List

    You might recognise it as rental cleaning, deep cleaning, or vacate cleaning. It’s all one and the same for us! See below our deep cleaning prices.

    Property Size Price
    1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom $176.00
    2 Bedroom, 1 Bathrooms $209.00
    3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $275.00
    4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $341.00
    5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $374.00
    5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms $407.00
    6 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms $440.00
    6 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms $473.00
    7 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms $506.00
    Service Price Deep Cleaning
    Wet Wipe Blinds (per blind) $10 $10
    Inside Oven $60 $60
    Carpet Steam Clean (per room or area) $35 $35
    Sliding Door & Interior Windows (1-3 Bedroom) $60 $60
    Sliding Door & Interior Windows (4-6 Bedroom) $120 $120
    Inside Cupboards (must be empty) (1-3 Bedroom) $60 $60
    Inside Cupboards (must be empty) (4-6 Bedroom) $120 $120
    Garage Sweep & Tidy $30 $30
    Patio $30 $30
    Deck $30 $30
    Large Balcony $60 $60
    Small Balcony $30 $30
    Inside Fridge $60 $60
    Spot Clean Walls (30 Minutes) (1-3 Bedroom) $30 $30
    Spot Clean Walls (1 Hour) (1-3 Bedroom) $60 $60
    Spot Clean Walls (2 hours) (4-6 Bedroom) $120 $120
    Change Bed Sheets $10 $10
    Excluded Services

    There are certain things we don’t clean or guarantee due to OHS risks, liability risks, and complexity. 

    This includes things such as: 

    • Chandeliers,
    • Light Bulbs,
    • Fly Screens,
    • Fireplaces Biohazards (e.g. blood, faeces, excessive mould, etc.),
    • Silicon & Grout Remediation,
    • Removal of certain mineral deposits (e.g. stains in toilet bowls),
    • Removal of pet hair embedded in carpet fibres,
    • Picture Rails,
    • High Reach Areas (e.g. tops of cupboards, ceilings, etc),
    • We also do not move furniture or clean underneath it,
    • we do not guarantee removal of any stains (including remediation of stained grout or silicon),
    • nor do we put away dishes, pots, pans, etc.


    Call The Cleaners

    If you are dissatisfied with the job or if there was an oversight from our cleaning team, please contact us within 24 hours of the service and we will return to fix the problem at no additional charge. If you are still unsatisfied with the work, we will provide a partial reimbursement as part of our commitment to ensuring your complete 100% satisfaction.

    Deep Cleaning Service in Melbourne

    About Our Deep Cleaning In Melbourne

    To keep the house in good condition, it is important for a person to be able to get their property deep cleaned at regular intervals. However, for a person to get the property deep cleaned by themselves, it is important for them to invest a significant amount of time and effort. Deep cleaning is one of those services that is often ignored by a person who is getting regular house cleaning services that keep the house pleasing to the eyes but in an unhygienic condition. If you are looking to get your house cleaned to live a healthy and hygienic life, it is recommended to get a deep cleaning service.

    Call The Cleaners, over the years, has made a name for being one of the trusted deep cleaning experts in Melbourne and other major cities. We have a history of being able to deliver exceptional deep cleaning services, unlike any other providers in the market. Each of our experts are highly trained and ensure that your house gets the best possible care that it deserves. Customer satisfaction is one of our most important targets, and we make sure that all our customers are satisfied with our services offered. In case you have a special request, our experts make sure to accommodate them into the cleaning routine to get your house cleaned just the way you want it to be.

    Deep Cleaning at Your Fingertip

    Deep cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning every part of the house and paying attention to every detail to ensure that there is nothing that gets missed out on. The process includes multiple steps that are closely monitored and executed meticulously for exceptional deep cleaning services that help exceed the expectations of the customers. Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleaning is one of the services that requires a much more detailed cleaning and can last longer than any other cleaning. Our expert cleaners make sure that each and every part of the house is given enough time to ensure that the cleaning is done properly.

    If you have never had a deep cleaning for your house, it is highly recommended by professional cleaners to hire an expert and get your property cleaned as soon as possible. The benefits of getting a professional deep cleaning outweigh simply maintaining the appearance of the house with regular cleaning services. Regardless of the size of your property, our team at Call The Cleaner will clean it in such a way that it exceeds your expectations. We stand by the quality of our deep cleaning services once the job is completed at rates unlike any other in the market.

    Deep Cleaning Service in Melbourne
    Deep Cleaning Service in Melbourne

    Deep Cleaners Near Me in Melbourne

    Deep cleaning is a detailed and extensive cleaning of the house that makes sure that each and every part of the house is cleaned to perfection. Once you have booked your deep cleaning service with our experts, you no longer have to be there to supervise the entire process. Our experts will look into it so that everything is carried out as per the plan. You can take this time to explore what Melbourne has to offer or take some time for yourself to do things that you have been keeping aside due to lack of time. This becomes the best time for you to go for a walk or embrace the coffee culture at a cosy cafe before exploring the iconic Federation Square, where various cultural events and exhibitions are often held. You can visit the museum to embrace the history of Melbourne while our experts give it their all to ensure that you come back to a clean and hygienic home.

    A Complete Deep Cleaning Service

    With respect to deep cleaning services for a house, it can be a difficult task to undertake all by one’s own self due to the difficulty in deciding where to begin and what to prioritise. If you are feeling stressed just by thinking about the amount of work, we at Call The Cleaners are here to take care of it and ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned. We cover different areas of the house under our deep cleaning services to meet different needs and are also able to accommodate any specific requests you may have. Our team of skilled cleaners is able to tailor all services based on your requirements to ensure that the result exceeds your expectations. Some of the deep cleaning services offered by Call The Cleaners are:

    • Vacuuming, mopping and disinfection of floors and walls

    • Cleaning of windows and frames

    • Dusting of fans, lights and boards

    • Wiping of all appliances

    • Scrubbing and disinfection of toilets, shower, sink and mirrors

    • Cleaning of cabinets and cupboards

    • Cleaning of all other areas to remove dust and grime

    To ensure that our expert cleaners miss out on no detail, we at Call The Cleaners follow a systematic approach that guarantees consistent results every time. By entrusting us with your deep cleaning needs, you can rest assured that your home will be meticulously cleaned.


    Deep Cleaning Service Designed Just For You

    Ensuring customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of our thorough deep cleaning service at Call The Cleaners. We, as a team of expert cleaners, are dedicated to providing exceptional and consistent deep cleaning services. One of the other things that we give equal importance to is that we actively seek feedback and suggestions from our customers that can help us improve our deep cleaning service and deliver consistent results. In order to make the booking process more convenient, we have also tried to simplify the process of scheduling the deep cleaning services.

    At Call The Cleaners, we highly value our customers and have brought into effect a customer loyalty program that helps show our appreciation to our regular customers. Through this program, we offer various discounts to our loyal clients based on their cleaning requirements and frequency. The different types of discounts provided to the customers are:

    • 20% discount for clients who book a Weekly Deep Cleaning service.

    • 15% discount for customers who schedule Bi-weekly Deep Cleaning service.

    • 10% discount for those who opt for Deep Cleaning services every three weeks.

    • 5% discount for Monthly Deep Cleaning clients.


    #1 Deep Cleaning Service Provider in Melbourne

    Call The Cleaners are of the trusted deep cleaners and if you happen to be looking to get your property cleaned properly, get in touch with us. Our team of skilled cleaners will ensure that your house receives the necessary cleaning for a fresh appearance. Our cleaning services will allow you to enjoy the comfort of a deeply cleaned home. Our experts are well-trained in using the latest tools and equipment to provide a deep clean like no other.

    In addition to using the most advanced tools and cleaning products, Call The Cleaners ensures that your house is cleaned according to your preferences. Our cleaning professionals ensure that the entire deep cleaning process is completed within the specified timeframe to avoid any inconvenience. If you are ready to have your house deeply cleaned, we recommend contacting our experts today to schedule your deep cleaning services in Melbourne. Experience a level of cleaning that stands out from others in the market.

    We also provide services at:
    • Melbourne CBD
    • Inner North Melbourne
    • Inner East Melbourne
    • Bayside
    • South Western Melbourne
    • North & North Western Melbourne
    • East Melbourne
    • South Eastern Melbourne
    • Frankston
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