End of Lease Cleaning in Bellevue Hill

About Our End-Of-Lease Cleaning in Bellevue Hill

Are you trying to find a reliable and efficient end of lease cleaning in Bellevue Hill? If so, then your search ends here. Our trained and qualified end-of-lease cleaners will conduct a thorough cleaning of your rental property, putting extra attention on usually overlooked areas such as light fixtures, skirting boards, and windows. Our team is also insured and vetted by the police, so your property is in safe hands.

Our end-of-lease cleaning service is designed to reduce your stress of moving to another location. Our booking system is quite user-friendly. You can schedule or modify your appointments with complete ease. We also offer our services on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, giving you access to maximum flexibility.

Why Choose Our End of Lease Cleaning Services in Bellevue Hill?

How you leave the rented property plays a vital role in ending your tenancy on a pleasant note. Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to leave the house in a clean and presentable condition. This is essential not only to impress your landlord but it also plays a vital role in getting your deposited money back. With the help of our expert professional end-of-lease cleaning service, you can leave the house clean and meet the standards set by your agent or landlord. Let our experts help you have a smooth and hassle-free move

End of Lease Cleaning in Bellevue Hill
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    Best End of Lease Cleaning Services in Blacktown Near Me
    Engage the Best End of Lease Cleaning near me in Bellevue Hill

    If you are nearing the end of your tenancy and looking for a dependable end of lease cleaning near me in Bellevue Hill, Call The Cleaner is here to help. We take pride in providing exceptional end-of-lease cleaning services that are customized to your unique needs. We understand how essential it is for you to leave the property clean to get your deposited money back. Our expert team will provide you with the best cleaning that will surely impress your landlord and property managers. 

    While offering our cleaning service, we pay special attention to all areas of your house, making sure no space in the property is deprived of our attention. Being your trusted, insured, and police-vetted cleaning professionals, we will ensure you can attain complete peace of mind when you choose our professional end-of-lease cleaning service. So, think no more and connect with us for our prompt, friendly, and affordable cleaning support and get your deposited money back. 

    Why Choose Our End Of-Lease Cleaning If You Are a Landlord

    If you are a landlord looking to rent out your property, then our expert end-of-lease cleaning in Bellevue Hill can assist you a great deal in finding the right tenant. A spotless, clean and fresh property will attract potential tenants easily and enable you to get your desired deal. 

    Choosing our end-of-leas cleaning will enable you to present your property in a pleasant condition, will give an introduction to your professionalism and will strengthen your relationship with your tenants

    Get Your Bond Back "Guaranteed" with Call The Cleaners
    The Best End of Lease Cleaning Service in Bellevue Hill Australia
    Are you planning to vacate your rental property soon?
    But worried about the present condition of the house?
    Not sure if you can get the return of the full bond amount?
    We are here to solve all your problems!
    Our experts can offer exceptional end of lease cleaning in Bellevue Hill to get you a spot-free property.
    Get our comprehensive end of lease cleaning to impress your property managers and get the full bond amount back easily.

    Why Trust Call The Cleaners for Your End-Of-Lease Cleaning
    Needs in Bellevue Hill?

    Our expert professional end-of-cleaning in Bellevue Hill makes sure you receive a flawless
    end-of-lease cleaning and get your deposited money back.
    • Call The Cleaners

      Technicians with the
      right expertise

      Our team of experienced bond cleaners is trained to provide a high-quality bond cleaning service that meets the standards of landlords and property managers.

    • Call The Cleaners

      Assurance of
      bond return

      The ultimate goal of cleaning your property is to get your bond back, so we offer a bond-back guarantee with all of our end-of-lease cleaning services.

    • Call The Cleaners


      Our end-of-lease cleaning services include a thorough cleaning of the entire rental property, including the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms, as well as additional services such as cleaning of carpet and window cleaning.

    • Call The Cleaners

      Cleaning Products

      We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

    Call The Cleaners Australian Cleaning Company
    • Call The Cleaners


      We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your move-out date and ensure that the cleaning is done at a time that is convenient for you.

    • Call The Cleaners

      Available at the
      best prices

      We offer competitive pricing for our end-of-lease cleaning services, and we provide a free quote before you book your appointment.

    • Call The Cleaners

      customer service

      We pride ourselves on providing high-end customer service and providing assurance that our clients are satisfied with the cleaning service they receive.

    • Call The Cleaners

      Guaranteed Safety
      and security

      Our team of vacate cleaners consists of skilled and vetted experts who are proficient in their work. You can rely on them to ensure your safety and provide a satisfactory outcome, as we offer a 100% service guarantee.

    We have a straightforward end of lease cleaning process
    that is convenient for our clients.

    • Book A Call Or Use Our Booking Form

      If you're interested in booking our services, we offer two convenient options to choose from. The first option is to use our step-by-step booking form, which makes the process quick and easy. Alternatively, you can simply give us a call at 0451550849 and speak with one of our friendly support team members who will be happy to assist you with your booking. Regardless of the option you choose, our team will inquire about the size of your booking and provide you with all the necessary information to make your experience seamless and stress-free.

    • Choose Your Date

      Select a date that works well for you, ideally 1-2 days prior to the final inspection. This will provide your real estate agent or property owner with a fresh impression.

    • Our Cleaners Arrive

      When you book our cleaning services, you can rest assured that our team of professional cleaners will arrive at your doorstep on the scheduled date. We understand that your time is valuable, so we make sure to be punctual and efficient. Our cleaning team will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies to complete the end-of-lease cleaning

    • We Clean Following Real Estate - Approved Checklist

      They will follow the approved cleaning checklist, ensuring that no part of our end of lease cleaning service inclusions is missed. Our professional cleaners will adhere to the cleaning checklist approved by the agent, ensuring that every aspect of our end-of-lease cleaning service is covered and nothing is overlooked.If you are unavailable, we will leave the keys in a secure location and inform you.

      In the unlikely scenario that the landlord or property manager is not completely satisfied with our cleaning service, simply email us the official inspection report, and we will promptly follow up with the agent to arrange a free re-clean within 72 hours.

    We Make a Checklist to Provide You With A Spotless Property.
    Rely on Us to Get Your Bond Back!


    Clean switches & door knobs
    Clean hallways & staircases
    Vacuum & mop all floors
    Dust & wipe down all surfaces
    Empty Bins
    Make Beds (upon request)
    Dust furniture
    Clean window ledges
    Quick decluttering of floors
    Clean cobwebs
    Wipe down electronics
    Clean Mirrors
    Detail skirting boards
    Detail all doors & door frames
    Clean ceiling fans & A.C vents
    Clean inside cabinets, drawers & shelves
    Inside windows + Window Tracks


    Stack & run dishwasher (upon request)
    Wipe down the outside of appliances
    Wet wipe outside of fridge
    Wet wipe outside of the oven
    Clean the outside of cabinets & drawers
    Clean all surfaces
    Clean sink
    Clean stove
    Vacuum & mop floors
    Clean inside oven
    Clean range hood & filters
    Clean inside cabinets, shelves & drawers


    Clean floors
    Scrub toilets
    Clean the outside of cabinets & drawers
    Clean bathtub & shower
    Clean sink & taps
    Clean mirrors
    Clean the inside of cabinets & drawers

    Apart from following our client’s checklist, we offer a range of additional services to our end-of-lease cleaning in Bellevue Hill. Ask for the specific cleaning tasks you require. This allows you to avoid paying for any unnecessary cleaning tasks and only pay for the cleaning that you actually need.

    Carpet Steam Clean

    A systematic effort to steam clean the carpets of your rental property helps to remove the dirt and debris that is deeply embedded inside.

    Spot Clean Walls

    We check all the walls and remove the stains and spots completely.

    Wet Wiping of Blinds

    We perform a wet wipe and dust all blinds.

    Garage Sweep & Tidy

    Wipe down, dust, sweeping of all accessible areas, and mopping if required


    Sweeping, tidying all accessible areas, and mopping if required


    Sweeping, tidying all accessible areas, and mopping if required

    Small Balcony

    Sweeping, tidying all accessible areas, and mopping if required

    Large Balcony

    Sweeping and Tidying all accessible areas

    Inside Fridge

    The outside of the fridge is already included, this extra is for the interior being cleaned.

    End of Lease Flea Treatment
    (Pest Control)

    Did you have pets in your rental property? You’ll need a pest control certificate stating you’ve had flea treatment completed.

    Service Exclusions

    There are certain things we don’t clean or guarantee due to OHS risks, liability risks, and complexity. This includes things such as: • Chandeliers, • Light Bulbs, Fly Screens, • Fireplaces Biohazards (e.g. blood, faeces, excessive mould, etc.), • Silicon & Grout Remediation, • Removal of certain mineral deposits (e.g. stains in toilet bowls), • Removal of pet hair embedded in carpet fibres, Ceiling Fans, Picture Rails, • AC units/vent/filters, and other High Reach Areas (e.g. tops of cupboards, ceilings, etc). We also do not move furniture or clean underneath it, we do not guarantee removal of any stains (including remediation of stained grout or silicon), nor do we put away dishes, pots, pans, etc.

    *Please note that any outdoor areas such as windows, glass, balconies, or open areas of a property are not covered by our bond-back guarantee due to weather conditions that are beyond our control.

    Get Your Bond Amount Back Before You Hand Over The Keys

    Our end-of-lease cleaning in Bellevue Hill is designed to meet the specific cleaning standards set by your property manager under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008. When you choose us, with our advanced cleaning products and techniques, we will make sure you can leave your rental property in the best possible condition.

    However, we know that specific items may undergo normal wear and tear, and it would not be a practical idea to restore them to their previous condition. In such a scenario, we will take before and after pictures of these items and convince your manager that we have tried our best to clean these items to the highest standards.

    See What Our Valuable Customers Have to Say
    Before Hiring Call The Cleaners
    After Hiring Call The Cleaners
    As I was heading towards the date of relocation, I was more stressed to check the task of cleaning my rental property from top to bottom. The list of tasks the, limited time to get everything done, and the thought of spending hours cleaning was overwhelming.
    I started the cleaning process on my own, but quickly realised that it was going to take me much longer than I anticipated. I was frustrated with my lack of progress and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get everything done in time.

    Hiring Call The Cleaners was the best decision I made during my move. From the moment I contacted them, they were professional, friendly, and efficient. They worked around my schedule to find a time that was convenient for me, and they arrived on time and ready to work.

    The team from Call The Cleaners took over and immediately put my mind at ease. They worked quickly and efficiently, tackling every corner of my rental property with ease. It was clear that they had experience with end of lease cleaning, and they knew exactly what needed to be done to meet the requirements of my landlord.

    I was not very sure whether to hire a professional cleaning service, and worried about the cost. I thought I would exceed my affordability.

    As I looked around my rental property, I couldn’t believe how much work still needed to be done. The floors were dirty, the kitchen was a mess, and the bathrooms were in need of a deep clean. I didn’t know where to start.

    The cost of hiring Call The Cleaners was reasonable and well worth the investment. Not only did they save me time and stress, but they also ensured that I got my full bond back. Their bond back guarantee gave me peace of mind and made the entire process stress-free.

    When the team from Call The Cleaners was finished, my rental property looked better than it did when I moved in. Every surface was spotless, and they even took care of tasks like cleaning the windows and carpets. I was impressed with their attention to detail and the thoroughness of their cleaning.

    Overall, I was dreading the task of cleaning my rental property, but hiring Call The Cleaners made the entire process stress-free and easy. I would highly recommend their incredible services to anyone who is relocating from a rental property and wants to ensure that they get their bond back in full.

    Thanks to Call The Cleaners, I was able to focus on the other tasks involved in moving out, and I was confident that my rental property was left in a clean and presentable condition. Their professional and efficient service made the entire process stress-free and easy, and I would definitely hire them again in the future.

    End of Lease Cleaning Bellevue Hill Frequently Asked Questions
    What is end of lease cleaning?

    End of lease cleaning is a thorough cleaning service that is typically required by landlords or property managers when a tenant moves out of a rental property. The purpose of the cleaning is to ensure that the property is left in a clean and presentable condition for the next tenant.

    What does end of lease cleaning include?

    End of lease cleaning typically includes a comprehensive cleaning of the entire property, including the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms. It can also include cleaning of windows, carpets, and other surfaces as needed.

    Do I have to hire a professional for end of lease cleaning?

    While it’s possible to do end of lease cleaning yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service is recommended to ensure that the cleaning is done to a high standard and meets the requirements of your landlord or property manager.

    How long does the end of lease cleaning take?

    The time required for end of lease cleaning depends on the size of the property and the level of cleaning required. A professional cleaning service will typically provide an estimated time frame when you book your appointment.

    Will I get my bond back if I hire an end of lease cleaning service?

    Hiring an end of lease cleaning service can increase your chances of getting your bond back in full, as the cleaning will be done to a high standard and meet the requirements of your landlord or property manager. However, there are no guarantees, and it ultimately depends on the condition of the property and any other factors that may impact the return of your bond.

    Do I need to be present during the end of lease cleaning?

    It’s not necessary to be present during the cleaning, but it’s a good idea to do a walk-through with the cleaners before and after the cleaning to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

    How much does end of lease cleaning cost?

    The cost of end of lease cleaning depends on the size of the property and the level of cleaning required. A professional cleaning service will typically provide a free quote before you book your appointment.

    Our Customer Reviews

    Matt Witham
    Matt Witham
    Zinas came and did an end of lease clean for my one bedroom apartment. I had been living there for 14 years. The clean included steam cleaning, cleaning of walls, blinds, oven, bathroom and windows. The clean was finished in 3.5 hours. Zinas was friendly and gave great customer service. I would recommend Zinas for anyone finishing their lease. Was a great job and I’m very happy with the results.
    Epiphany Selene
    Epiphany Selene
    Did a fabulous job, we received our bond back in full thanks to their meticulous cleaning. Thanks again!
    Leigh Mckeough
    Leigh Mckeough
    Call the cleaners did a great job even the real estate competed on what a freat job they did
    Natalia Gonzalez
    Natalia Gonzalez
    Absolutely incredible cleaning, turned out a lot better than expected. Raj and team were thorough and cleaned everything to perfection. Definitely recommend and we will be returning customers. Can I also add, Raj and team are very friendly and came with great energy too.
    Oriana Fraser
    Oriana Fraser
    Really great experience with Call the Cleaners from start to finish, the awesome owner Arafat provided an upfront quote and a checklist of what was to be cleaned and any extras I wanted to be added ie steam cleaning, blinds etc which meant no surprises come the day of, the cleaners were prompt and thorough and with this I was able to get 100% of my bond back. Thank you!
    Stuart Gilbert
    Stuart Gilbert
    Great experience with Call the Cleaners with my recent end of lease clean. The guys were really great and did a top quality clean throughout the property. The steam clean was excellent. The landlord was very happy and the bond was returned
    Andrea Pizzie
    Andrea Pizzie
    Excellent service from inquiry to completion. I was very satisfied with the end of lease cleaning service they provided, I got my bond back in full.
    Jane Hoang
    Jane Hoang
    Jenish and his partners doing a great job ! Very clean and professional. Thank you Jensish
    Hao D
    Hao D
    Reliable and flexible team, I would recommend to my friends for sure.

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