End of Lease Cleaning Guide: How to Get Your Full Bond Back in Melbourne

Leaving a rental home in Melbourne? Another factor that should be a priority should be cleaning everything to the extent that you get your full bond amount. This guide will aid in explaining what end of lease cleaning is, its legalities, and some information to assist in a clean end of lease clean.

Essentials For End of Lease Cleaning

What is End of Lease Cleaning?

Relief cleaning or bond cleaning is the final clean that is done prior to vacating a house or an apartment. It is more intensive than general cleaning practices; it intends to restore the property to as close to its pristine state as possible.

Why is it Important?

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne is very vital because it deals with the amount of money you are bound to get back from your bond. Landlords and property managers inspect your house thoroughly and anything that you have missed or damaged will have this amount deducted from your bond.

Common Misconceptions

Most tenants think that it is sufficient to clean the places occasionally, however, end of lease cleaning is a very thorough process. This means that the corners and ceiling along with floors and walls right up to the ceiling must be clean, and limited spaces in things like ceiling lights or behind refrigerators should not be exempt from cleaning.

Legal Observation Relative to Your Lease Contract

Check Your Lease Agreement

Moving out cleaning usually has a clause in your lease agreement that outlines the kind of state that your property must be in. Please –read this section very well because it outlines your responsibilities.

Legal Obligations in Melbourne

Melbourne-specific regulation requires tenants to leave the house in a clean condition and no signs of damage. There must be some tolerable wear and tear on items, but if there is dirt, stains, or damages, they must be fixed.

Preventing Disputes

Also, to minimize your chances of having to deal with your landlord, always take pictures of the property as you found it, and then the same when you are vacating the premises. Photos and a signed condition report can prove useful if there are some disputes.

Strategies that can be Helpful when Undertaking End of Lease Cleaning

Plan Ahead

Ideally, you should start planning for the end of lease cleaning at least 2-3 weeks before the time you are planning it. Wipe the list of all the places that may require cleaning and sort all the necessary tools and working equipment.

Focus on Key Areas

Pay special attention to:

  • Kitchen: This is especially so after cooking: oven, stovetop, cupboards and sink must be cleaned.
  • Bathrooms: Clean the toilets, shower, tiles and mirrors.
  • Living Areas: Clear large debris on carpets, then vacuum them; wipe the floors’ surfaces using a mop; clean the windows.
  • Bedrooms: Wash pre shelves, wardrobes, floors and windows.
  • Outdoor Areas: Clean balconies, gardens and garages.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Don’t Rush: This will take some time, so ensure that you complete each area to the best of your ability.

Use the Right Products: Make sure an appropriate cleaner for cleaning various sections is applied to reduce depreciation of the sections.

Detailing: Do not forget to consider such small areas as lamps, skirting boards, and behind the refrigerator or Washing machine.

Consider Professional Help

Many people consider hiring professional cleaners some of which include Call the Cleaners as they are time-saving and provide high quality cleaning services. Experts know how to deal with particularly problematic areas, as well as they possess the necessary tools for that.

Final Walkthrough

The final step after cleaning is to do a final walkthrough with your landlord or property manager. This helps you to overcome any last minute concern or negotiate to show the condition of the property.

Bond back cleaning which is often referred to as the end of lease cleaning is requisite to get your whole bond amount back in Melbourne. Should you comprehend the cleaning needs, stick to your lease terms & avoid the following pitfalls, you stand to cover a successful move out. If you want your cleaning experience to be as stress free as possible, consider using cleaning services such as Call the Cleaners. If you want to clean the place in the end, hire us and leave with a guarantee of a clean home.

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