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General Enquiries

Absolutely, as professional cleaning service providers, we are insured. For proof of insurance or any other legal documents please email us at info@callthecleaners.com.au and we will gladly forward you our business documents.

Our team’s commitment to the job and making sure your requirements are met to your liking and bringing a smile on your face is the sole representation of our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Should you have concerns with our service, we will make it right.
For escalation
- You will have 24 hours to call us on 0451 550 849 and provide us with feedback and detail of your concerns or issues.
- A 48 hour flexible period will be provided for Move-in/Move-out services.
- A re-schedule cleaning will be appointed to you to address your concerns on the following business days.
- After our second appointment with you, should you have concerns, we will escalate the issue to our management, and if we fail to address your concerns, we will provide you with credit or a refund.

Yes, but we do not deduct credits from your account on booking, prior to scheduling we will place a hold on your account. Only after our job is complete, payment charges will be deducted from your account.

Absolutely, our team loves animals, and through our training program, they are well trained on how to deal with cats, dogs or any other pets. We are a pet-friendly cleaning service provider and our team knows how to love, respect and care for all animals.

At Call The Cleaners we want to make sure that all appointments are dealt with timely and by a professional team. This is why we provide a 24-hour notice for any cancellation. Unfortunately, there will be a $50 charge if cancellations are made on the day of your appointment.

We stand by our satisfaction guarantee, a grace period of 24 hours will be provided to raise any concerns/issues. Should you have a concern about our service, please contact us within business hours and we will make an arrangement to rectify the situation.

If our team has made any mistake which results in your property damage or loss, please call us at 0451 550 849 or email us at info@callthecleaners.com.au within 24 hours after your service. Once we are updated on the issue, we will ask you to fill out a form. Please note that you will be given 14 days to resubmit the form after the date your property loss or damage ticket has been issued.

If our job site is deemed as a hazardous working condition where it is beyond our service packages, our team has the right to refuse to work and exit the premises. Due to such circumstances, you will be charged a $50 booking fee for holding our booking system.

Questions About our Cleaning services

Every job duration varies differently, for example a 3 bedroom deep-clean requires 3 hours. Depending on how many rooms and other spaces to clean, our time duration varies, to find an accurate timing, use our booking system to find out how long it would take us to finish the job.

A minimum of 2 people per job site is required to do a basic job, but depending on how big the job is, more can be needed to do the job in time. Unless some jobs site such as: studio apartment cleaning, 2 bedroom cleaning or even touch up cleaning only 1 person is enough.

Absolutely 100%, at Call the Cleaners we make sure all our staff members are background checked and have a safe police clearance. Before joining Call the Cleaners, we make sure most of our team is previously experienced and have a one-on-one interview with our management and undergo rigorous training which covers customer service, professional etiquettes and safety procedures. You can feel relieved that our team is safe, secure and professional.

Yes, Call the Cleaners will provide our own cleaning supplies and tools. Depending on circumstances you can inform us after your booking to use specialised chemicals on sensitive/fragile places.

We offer a variety of services, starting from daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. We also provide move-in & move-out cleaning services. Call the Cleaners cleaning services covers everything that has to do with residential cleaning.

If you haven’t had your house professionally cleaned for more than 3 months you need a deep clean. Deep cleaning is thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting every single spot, top or bottom which aims to remove dirt & grime. It’s about taking a step further and deep into how we clean. It also includes a sweep, vacuum, mop, disinfecting and deodorising to kill bacteria and germs.

Booking a Schedule

We cannot guarantee that it is possible, but feel free to book us in. If it's possible we will send our team through.

Nope, not at all. When you book you will be able to tell us what type of job you are aiming at and that is enough. Should you have concerns after your book, please feel free to call us at 0451 550 849 and let us know.

Yes, most cleaners of  Call the Cleaners are quite punctual, but just to be on the safe side, after making a booking we do inform our customers that there is a one hour arrival window, due to traffic or any other unfortunate circumstances. In case our team is late on arrival, the customer will be contacted and will be informed about the ETA.


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