How To Prepare Your Rental Property For End Of Lease Cleaning

Are you overwhelmed as your relocation date is approaching? It is natural to feel so as you need to take care of endless things. From planning to packing to organising and more, there are too many things to coordinate. When you are in the middle of multiple jobs, end of lease cleaning is perhaps the last thing that comes to your mind. Although you take it for granted, you cannot ignore your responsibility to return the property to your property manager in pristine condition. Additionally, when you leave your rental premises unclean, you lose a significant part of the security deposit or even the whole amount. The good news is you can avail of a professional end of lease cleaning service in Concord.

The experts bring along a checklist and help you achieve a clean and tidy property. But what assists you in getting a perfectly cleaned rental property is a little preparation before the professionals begin their job. Let us go through this quick end of lease cleaning checklist to help you prepare for this process:

1.Plan For Better Organisation

The first step is to create a checklist of all the areas and note the items that need to be cleaned. It would include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, carpets, windows, and appliances. When you are transparent to yourself and your cleaning needs, you can invest your time and resources accordingly and guide the cleaners.

2. Declutter The Space

Before the professionals arrive at your rental property, it is best to make the space clutter-free. If you straighten up the rooms before the cleaners start wiping the dirty surfaces or dive into deep cleaning services, the cleaners get more time in bringing effective cleaning than organising the space. 

3. Offer Extended Help

It does take nothing to be helpful to the professionals of end of cleaning service in Concord. Give the cleaners proper instructions or discuss with them your expectations. You can guide them to prioritise certain cleaning tasks that are more intricate and take more time. They are unfamiliar with your rental property, so keeping the communications clear will help them achieve the best possible cleaning.

4. Keep Important Items Secure

The professionals of end of lease cleaning service in Concord are new to your property and might mistake your essential documents for trash. You need to understand that they are working at an unknown property, and it is not possible for them to provide flawless work until you help in certain aspects. It is, therefore, advised to secure your crucial papers and valuables so you can avoid getting in trouble.

5. Give Them Your Feedback

It is recommended that you send an email that relates your experience of end of lease cleaning service in Concord. If you find the service impressive, your feedback will matter a lot to the service provider. Negative feedback also allows the service providers to work on their weaker sections and provide you with a better service the next time.

End of lease cleaning is a tough job, and professionals of Call The Cleaners make the best efforts to achieve a clean property impressive enough to secure a 100% return on your bond amount.

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