Key Areas To Focus on When Getting End of Lease Cleaning For House With Pets

When it comes to relocating to a different place and leaving your leased property, there are several that one has to think about. From the packing of things to getting the property cleaned, each and every thing is important. This will help make sure that you get your bond deposit back in no time. Among the various things going through your mind, the end of lease cleaning is the most important one. Getting the property cleaned might seem like an easy task, but adding the presence of your pets to the mix makes it a much harder task to complete. It is not that the cleaning becomes impossible; it is just that a professional End Of Lease Cleaning Service in Paddington is all that you need for a clean and organised property.

Area To Focus During End Of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is something that you need to do, regardless of whether you have a pet or not. Getting the property cleaned and restored back to the way it was before you moved in is key to getting your bond deposit back. You should always remember to refer to your lease agreement to make sure that you are not missing out on anything. This will help avoid anything that can hinder your efforts to get the bond back. While the normal wear and tear is accepted, some specific areas that require extra attention during End Of Lease Cleaning Service in Paddington. Due to the presence of pets, the important areas that require special attention are:

Carpets and Floors:

Carpets and floors are the ones that bear the most brunt while you stay at any particular property. With pets shedding a lot of hair, it often gets stuck to the carpet, upholstery, etc and is difficult to remove. With stains and odours left behind from urine, faeces, etc, it is important that the End Of Lease Cleaners near me in Paddington clean the floors and carpets properly. Even if the damage is irreparable, it is important that you try your best to clean them so that there is less deduction on the bond deposit.

Doors and Windows:

The air within the room carries a lot of dirt and pet hairs that settle on the doors and windows. With pets staring outside the windows and doors, they leave behind nose and paw prints. It is thus important to wipe the windows and doors to remove the marks. Dusting the curtains and blinds also helps clean the house before the inspection. In case there is something that is damaged, it is better to repair them or replace them at the earliest to avoid a deduction from the bond deposit.


The part of the house that is noticeably dirty is the walls, and one has to clean them properly. Pets make the walls dirty by leaving scratch marks or rubbing their bodies against them. End Of Lease Cleaners near me in Paddington have to take the appropriate measures to clean the walls before the end of the lease inspection. If there is damage to the walls, one has to repair them before vacating the property. A professional end of lease cleaning service will make sure that they cover each and every aspect of the cleaning. This will help get your bond back in no time. If the colour is damaged, paint the walls for a fresh new look.

If you happen to be nearing the end of your lease, it is best that you get help from a professional End Of Lease Cleaning Service in Paddington. They will help you clean the property and sanitise the area for the next tenants. This will help them to move into a fresh and clean home. With pets within the property, special care needs to be given to each and every area to make sure that nothing gets missed out on. If you are struggling to clean your home, get in touch with our experts at Call The Cleaners. We will help you design a custom end of lease cleaning that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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