Seasonal House Cleaning Checklist for Melbourne Residents

Another interesting factor that has some impacts on  house cleaning services in Melbourne is the changing climate, the cleaning strategies have to be adjusted according to the season. Maintaining a clean house all year-round does not have to a difficult end for most homeowners. It may become challenging to keep up with the cleanliness of the house observing each season’s characteristics and thus make use of our seasonal house cleaning checklist. Besides, if there is a feeling that it is impossible to cope with the accumulated work, you can always address professional house cleaning services in Melbourne, which is Call The Cleaners.

Seasonal House Cleaning Checklist

Spring: Fresh Beginnings

Melbourne in spring season, this is the time of the year to freshen up your home after the winter period. Embrace the season of renewal with these cleaning tasks:

  1. Declutter: Clean each room, eliminate things that you do not use anymore. The perceived useless items should be disposed; either by donating it, recycling it, or simply tossing it.
  2. Deep Clean Carpets and Rugs: There are build ups of dust and dirt during winter. It may be a good idea to engage professionals Melbourne house cleaning services for a deep carpet cleaning.
  3. Wash Windows: Clean the windows, both the internal and external sides to allow for more light to get into the room.
  4. Clean Kitchen Appliances: Scrub your oven, refrigerator, and microwave because it is high time you remove that dirt that has accumulated on the surfaces.
  5. Dust and Polish: Dust all the accessible surfaces and the difficult to reach areas such as ceilings and fans. Polish wooden furniture makes item look new or fresh.

Summer: Keeping Cool

Summer season in Melbourne can be scorching, so focus on keeping your home cool and comfortable:

  1. Air Conditioner Maintenance: Check and clean your filters in order to make your air conditioning units to operate efficiently.
  2. Curtains and Blinds: Clean or vacuum curtains and blinds, and open doors and/or windows to lower the amounts of allergens in the room.
  3. Outdoor Areas: Wash your outdoor space and furniture such as the patio, deck, and other outdoor furniture. The external areas that need pressure washing can be done by house cleaning services in Melbourne.
  4. Refrigerator Check: Remove any food items from the shelves which have been there for quite some time to eradicate mold and other bad smells.
  5. Pest Control: Summer can act as a peak time for pest infestations in most homes. Plug up the gaps and use natural foes to keep the seals away.

Autumn: Getting Ready for Chilled Weather

As the weather cools down, prepare your home for the upcoming winter months with these tasks:

  1. Gutter Cleaning: Clear yard to ensure free flow of water and enough drainage space to avoid accumulation of water which causes damages.
  2. Check Heating Systems: Check that all the heaters are in good shape. Replace the filters or else clean them, and if required set the maintenance time.
  3. Clean Chimney: If you have a fireplace, it is time to arrange the chimney to be cleaned so as to check if it is safe for use.
  4. Wardrobe Swap: Pack away summer clothing and pack in cloths appropriate for the winter season. This is also a good time to go through your clothes and facilitate some weeding out of old clothes.
  5. Wash Bedding: Wash your thick coats and warm thick blankets before the season of cold sets in. It is suggested if you want to have a deep clean of larger items, hire home cleaning services in Melbourne.

Winter: Warmhouse

Winter in Melbourne calls for a focus on warmth and indoor comfort: 

  • Window Insulation: To keep your energy bills down and your home comfortable all year round, it’s crucial to ensure all your windows and doors fit snugly. Drafty windows and doors can let in heaps of hot or cold air, forcing your heating or cooling system to work harder.
  • Dust Heaters and Vents: What people usually fail to realize is that dust can settle in the heating vents and units. This way they are optimally used and it is important to regularly clean them.
  • Mold Prevention: This means that in places where there is high humidity, one should use a dehumidifier and the mold that one sees should be washed with solutions such as vinegar.
  • Deep Clean Carpets and Upholstery: It could be argued that winter is the worst season because it can cause moist and dirt to be trapped in carpets and furniture. This is to mean that professional house cleaning services in Melbourne can guarantee that these areas are kept clean and fresh.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: If there is any indoor cooking which is expected be the norm in the rainy seasons then ensure the kitchen is well clean. Wash and clean stovetop, oven, and sink more often.

Having a clean home all year long is not a hard task if the following tips are put into consideration. When using this checklist during seasonal house cleaning of Melbourne, it will show a way that people can clean their homes as per the different stations of the year. But if the tasks appear to be too overwhelming, it is always possible to hire professional house cleaning services in Melbourne, for instance, Call The Cleaners. Their services guarantee that the outer side of your home is inviting the entire year thus saving your time for other activities to enjoy the Melbourne life. It’s time to welcome the seasons with a clean and comfort of your home, all the rest let the professionals do!

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