Tasks Included In An End Of Lease Cleaning

An end of lease cleaning is one essential aspect of your tenancy, which decides whether you will get your deposited money back or not. So, if the end of your tenancy is nearing, it is essential that you conduct an appropriate end of lease cleaning to impress your landlord and get your bond back. You can simplify the process by hiring an expert end of lease cleaning service in Wahroonga

However, if you want to clean the house on your own, you need to know which areas of the house require the cleaning and how you should proceed with it. This blog post offers a comprehensive guide on conducting an end of lease cleaning. Read on to learn more. 

General Vacate Cleaning Tasks That You Need to Conduct

While conducting an end of lease cleaning, you need to perform the following tasks.

  • Dusting of all the lights, fans, and other fixtures
  • Removing the cobwebs, insect marks, and scuff marks from ceilings and corners
  • Removing spots from walls and wiping baseboards
  • Cleaning of all common points of contact, such as switches, handles, knobs, and rails
  • Cleaning of the windows and doors, including their tracks and frames
  • Sweeping and mopping of all hard floors
  • Sweeping of the garage and the patio

Deep Cleaning of The Kitchen

Once you complete the general cleaning tasks for your leased property, get started with deep cleaning of the kitchen areas. The kitchen has multiple stained and grimy surfaces, so it is going to take extra time and energy to clean your kitchen space.

  • Make sure all the fixed kitchen appliances are empty, and then start cleaning each of them one by one. Conduct thorough cleaning of the refrigerator, oven, range hood, microwave, dishwasher, and stove.
  • Wipe all the cabinets, drawers, selves, and other storage areas.
  • Thoroughly clean the sink and sanitise the drain.
  • Wipe and sanitise the countertops and the slabs.
  • Clean the floors and windows.

You can consider hiring an end of lease cleaning service in Wahroonga for a smooth and hassle-free cleaning of your kitchen.  

Thorough Cleaning of The Bathroom 

When it comes to conducting an end of lease cleaning of your rented house, a thorough cleaning of the bathroom is essential. In fact, cleaning the bathroom should be your top priority as this space has multiple stained and grimy surfaces and fixtures.

  • Clean and disinfect the toilet, including the seat, tank, the behind area and the bowl. Make sure to remove the toilet bowl stains if there are any.
  • Scrub and wash the tiles and grout.
  • Wipe the mirrors and glass shelves.
  • Clean the bathtub, shower glass, and the sink.
  • Vacuum and wipe the exhaust fan.
  • Wash the floor and remove excess water with a squeegee.

Cleaning and Sanitisation of The Bedroom and Living Room Areas 

While cleaning your bedroom and living room areas, you can relax a little as these areas are not as dirty as your kitchen or bathroom. However, you must not take it too casually, as it can affect the retrieval of your bond. Make sure these areas of your rental property are thoroughly cleaned.

  • Dust and wipe all furniture, fixtures, and surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitise all the mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Vacuum clean the upholstery
  • Clean the curtains and wipe the windows from both sides
  • Wipe the cabinetry, wardrobes, shelves, and other storage units

Once you are done with cleaning the interiors of the property, it is also essential that you leave the exteriors in a flawless state. Make sure the outdoor areas are clean and no waste of any kind is left unremoved. Get rid of dry leaves, dead tree branches, and other debris that could destroy the aesthetic appeal of the property. 

Leaving your rental property in a pristine state is essential for creating a positive impression on your landlord and getting your deposited money back in full. If you think cleaning the whole house on your own would be too much of a hassle and would like to hire the best end of lease cleaners near me in WahroongaCall The Cleaners is the name to rely upon. Connect with us to finalise an appointment.

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