Terms & Conditions

Call the Cleaners (A.B.N. 81 595 876 824) operates an online platform at www.callthecleaners.com.au (the “Website”) through which customers (“Users”) can book a cleaning services (“Cleaning Services”), by submitting a Booking Request. Call the Cleaners then matches the most suitable Cleaner from its database of Cleaners to the Booking Request. All materials on https://callthecleaners.com.au

User Information

To use or benefit from Call the Cleaners’ services online, it is required to open an account with all requested details upon signup, including. User’s personal information will not be shared with any third party unless required, upon consent. Unless by law we are required to share your personal information with any lawful governing body, Call the Cleaners will share your information without your consent but users will be made aware of such cases

Internet Footprint

Call the Cleaners is not liable and will not be held accountable for its footprint on the internet. Call the Cleaners has not reviewed every third party links across the internet, therefore clicking random links due to adverts users will be doing so at their own risk.

Content Changes

Call the Cleaners may change their content overtime, as a business update or service changes, regularly or weekly or whenever required. However, Call the Cleaners does not make any commitments to changes or updates.

Legal Bindings

Any legal matter or cases in relation to Call the Cleaners must be held by an authorised Australian Governing body.

Booking Error

After a customer makes a booking with us, an email with the booking confirmation will be sent to your registered email address. In circumstances, where there has been a booking error due to circumstances such as poor internet connectivity etc, Call the Cleaners will not be held accountable for this action. You are required to check your email after booking to confirm your booking details. After a booking, customers will have 24 hours to email or call Call the Cleaners to make changes or any cancellations, free of charge

Terms and Conditions Updates

Call the Cleaners is subject to update our Terms and Conditions if required with any formal notice to its users. Any use of Call the Cleaners’s website will mean users are obliged to follow the current Terms and Conditions at the time.

Secure Money Hold

To use Call the Cleaners’ services, you must provide your payment details. To book a with Call the Cleaners, we will place a secure hold for the total amount of the job from your provided banking details. The final deductions will be made after our services are complete.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If a customer is not pleased with Call the Cleaners’ Cleaning Services, customers are required to report their concerns to Call the Cleaners within 48 hours after service completion, via phone or email. Once such a report has been noted, a ticket will be issued for the case, and a team will be sent for a Re-clean. If customers are still not satisfied with Call the Cleaners’ service, a certain percentage will be refunded to the customer from the total cost.

Cancellation Notice

Call the Cleaners allows customers to cancel their booking within 24 hours after their booking time without any charges applied. In cases where cancellations are made after 24 hours of the booking period, or even on the date of the booking job, a $50 will be charged for holding a spot on our booking system. In the case where our team has arrived at the site for the job, and the customer wants to cancel the job immediately, Call the Cleaners will charge the customer in the full price for compensation of our team and service.

Unsafe Working Place

It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure a booking job site is a secure place for our team. If the property is considered unsafe and seems as if it may pose a risk to our team, our team has the right to refuse to work, meaning they will have the right to walk away from the job, for the team and customer’s safety and wellbeing. In such cases, a $100 booking fee will be charged for withholding our booking system and team compensation.


If our team has made any mistake that results in your property damage or loss, please call us at 0401396554 or email us at info@callthecleaners.com.au within 24 hours after your service. Once we are updated on the issue, we will ask you to fill out a form. Please note that you will be given 14 days to resubmit the form after the date your property loss or damage ticket has been issued.

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