Tools The End Of Lease Cleaning Professionals Use

End-of-lease cleaning is an important cleaning task where the landlords expect to get their property back in pristine condition. As your tenancy comes to an end, the property managers or the landowners conduct a final inspection. When you hire an end of lease cleaning service in Belconnen, you get a squeaky-clean rental property that impresses your landowners and helps you get back the bond amount. But how do the end-of-lease cleaners achieve such a flawless cleaning of the premises? It is probably because of the specialised cleaning tools that they use. Through this blog, we shall learn about the different types of tools used by the end-of-lease cleaning experts to spruce up your home.

1. Microfibre Cloth To Dust Away The Dirt

The revolutionary microfiber cloth helps clean the home spotlessly. These tools help to remove dirt, oil, germs and organic matter from various surfaces. The end of lease cleaners near me in Belconnen generously use micro fibre cloths that are made of polyester and nylon and are highly effective. Most importantly, these tools are free from any chemical additive and hence are harmless to introduce for cleaning purposes.

2. Steam Cleaners To Force Out The Dirt

Steam cleaners are helpful in drawing out excessive grease and dust from different surfaces. It eliminates the use of chemicals and removes around 99.9% of bacteria. The professionals of end of lease cleaning service in Belconnen use steam cleaners as these tools are eco-friendly and effective in deep cleaning the house. It also helps to get rid of household dust, moulds and mites from the ovens, countertops, sealed tiles and hardwood floors.

3. Microfiber Sponges For Grout Cleaning

Another incredibly effective tool used by the expert is the microfiber sponges. These tools are used to scrub grout from the bathroom tiles. It is even used to remove soap scum and dirt from the different surfaces in your bathroom and even clean the streaks from the bathroom windows. Most importantly, these tools have both abrasive and soft sides and are absorbent, too. These features enable effective scrubbing and wiping of different surfaces. The professionals know the right practices, and they wash and disinfect the sponges to avoid inviting germs and keep them ready to clean for the next surface. 

4. Extendable Duster To Reach High Areas

The experts possess specialised tools such as an extendable duster that helps to clean the hard-to-reach areas of your rented house. It is effective in clearing the cobwebs and dirt that are present in the corners of the ceilings or dirty spots and stains that are visible. End-of-lease cleaners use these tools to get rid of all the dirt on the furniture top, unreachable corners of the house, ceiling fans, fixtures, etc.

5. A Heavy-duty Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters attached help trap tiny dust particles and pollen from the carpets and floors. These are high-end machines and, with effective cleaning, can bring the shine and long-lost look back to your rental property.

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